Welcome! We’re a non-profit based off of Karavas, Kythira.
We care about improving our village as well as promoting our island’s culture and people.

Stick around with us and we will help you improve your abilities, discover your skills, share new experiences and build a remarkable mindset.
We CREATE a better everyday life for the next generation.

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Festival Portokalias

In 2019, we revived the traditional folk festival and gave it a modern spin, while making it a two-day festival.
Τhe pandemic has been a sufficient obstacle to prolong the operation of the festival for the last two years. Οur team is currently working on setting up the 2022 festival and hopes everything will come true as planned.


For the last two years, #CinePortokalia is travelling us around the world with a selection of award-winning movies. 2022 summer screenings exceeded 450 visitors. Entrance is always free, with complimentary bar.

Μ49 & Μ49Α
Nature in Contrast

How many different places can fit in one island? On Kythera, the diversity of landscapes is fascinating; from arid, desert-like places to verdant valleys with plentiful springs and waterfalls. These stark contrasts are showcased along this trail. From the fairytale setting of the Amiralis spring, the cobblestone path ascends, and before heading north, a short offshoot reaches the amphitheatrical abandoned settlement of Mavrogiorgianika, which enchants the visitors of the area. The handcrafted trail to the north, perched on the slopes, between steep terraces that were once cultivated, is a balcony to all of northern Kythera, Elafonisos and Laconia. Passing cobbled paths, olive groves and lush vegetation sometimes with maples, sometimes with pines, plane trees, mock privets and strawberry trees, the route follows the steps of the lighthouse keepers until it reaches the windswept northern shores.

Patrikios Agricultural School


Legacy with a building complex in the center of the settlement of Karavas, created by the benefactor Dimitrios Patrikios.

Patrikios School is now surrounded by a new Board and new minds, who are trying to go further by taking advantage of the historicity of the place and the love of the young people who stay or return to their place. Within this context, a dynamic is developing that will hopefully highlight this heritage.

That makes it now a community garden, an art space, a meeting point, an educational hub and many many more.

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Get your t-shirts and tote bags! Portokalia, CinePortokalia, FestivalPortokalia *kids sizes available / PM for orders

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